About Us

alaVida Cremation Services and alaVida Beautiful Goodbye events are both divisions of Kane & Fetterly Funeral Home, Montreal’s most trusted provider of memorial services. While most funeral homes have become commission-driven, quota-fulfilling big businesses, Kane & Fetterly values a hand-in-hand, client-driven relationship; listening closely to its culturally diverse clientele and tailoring services to meet their needs.

In 2017, Kane & Fetterly created alaVida Cremation Services in order to simplify the cremation arrangement process for families. All arrangements are made online without requiring the family to visit a funeral home. In addition to being very simple, alaVida Cremation Services focuses on security (for the family and deceased), convenience and affordability.
Also, in 2017, Kane & Fetterly created alaVida Beautiful Goodbye events for families seeking a more personalized and creative celebration of life rather than a traditional funeral. Whereas Kane & Fetterly provides services at the family-owned funeral home, alaVida Beautiful Goodbye events can take place in practically any location the family desires. For more information visit alavida.ca